bywayof was founded by Oya Tekbulut in Brooklyn, New York. After completing her master’s of industrial design at Pratt Institute, Oya started learning jewelry making in a metal shop in Brooklyn. She is passionate about creating timeless and genderless pieces. Every design is initially hand-carved by Oya herself. She is mostly inspired by nature and storytelling. In our catalog, expect to find organic curves and familiar shapes with unique alterations.

Trend and time defying jewelry studio

bywayof is a jewelry studio based in Istanbul. We believe jewelry is an art form that completes and compliments the human body. All of our designs are a testament to beauty, quality, and ethical labor. We believe our values translate into effortlessly elegant yet eye-catching unique pieces.

Ethically made with the best quality materials.

Each bywayof piece is handcrafted in the historical jewelry district in Istanbul by generations of jewelers who are best at their craft. Our creations are the manifestation of aesthetics and experience. All of our pieces are made with sterling silver and comes in different finishes. We value honest craftsmanship and good design made with the best quality materials.


At bywayof, we believe in reusing everything and generating the least amount of waste to the earth that constantly inspires us. We try to minimize our impact on the environment. Our packaging is designed with our values in mind as well. We prefer plastic-free packaging. Our boxes and stickers are made with natural materials that are fully compostable. The pouches are made from 100% cotton and are sufficient to store your bywayof piece for years to come.